Will Removing Breast Implants Make Mammograms Easier to Read?

I am a 58-year-old woman who had breast implants placed twice, first silicone and then saline implants about 14 years ago. I am happy with the way they look, but have developed capsular contracture in both. Several times when having my mammograms, the radiologist or tech has told me how hard it is to read them. The implants were placed above the muscle and I have very little natural tissue. Will it be easier to read the mammograms if I remove them?

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Breast implant and mammograms


Hi Carolharr 34610,

Several questions - in need of response.

1."Will it be easier to read the mammograms if I remove them?" Mammogram visibility is BEST without any implants. Better with saline implants under the muscle than gel implants under the muscle and worst with gel implants over the muscle than saline implants over the muscle. Having no implants would make whatever breast you have easier to visualize.

2. "The implants were placed above the muscle and I have very little natural tissue." Removing the implants will NOT give you the breasts you started off with. Once the second set of implants are removed, you will have LESS breasts tissue as some may have atrophied and the skin envelope would have been stretched. In bad cases it is described as a Rock in a Sock look. You must clearly understand that the cosmetic result of your decision may be suboptimal.

If you are OK with this decision, then there is no reason not to do so.

Hope this was helpful.

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Implants and mammograms


While radiologist ahve become proficient in reading mammograms of patients with implants, it is certainly easier without the implant.

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Mammograms and breast implants


Breast augmentation is the most common plastic surgery procedure in the United States. A large number of women have received this surgery. When it is time to receive a mammogram simply inform the radiation tech that you have breast implants. They will perform additional views so that they can visualize the entire breast. It is not reasonable to remove breast implants just to make a mammogram simpler.

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Breast Implant removal and mammogram


In most instances, if the implants are removed along with the capsule, mammograms should be easier to read. You should allow a period of healing after implant removal which is typically 6 months or more prior to having your mammogram.

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Surveillance of breasts with implants


Radiologists agree that mammographic surveillance of breasts is best without any implants, however the subpectoral plane is estimated to obscure approximately 25% of the tissue, compared to 50% in the subglandular plane. As you may know, additional displacement views are required for women with breast implants and these techniques are especially difficult when the capsules have hardened.

Discuss your concerns with a Board Certified PS who has an active interest in breast surgery. Some women elect to explant (remove) their implants and the overlying scar capsule, thereby making maintenance easier. However, if you feel that your body image would suffer from removing them, consider another operation to remove the scar tissue (capsulectomy) and replacing the implants under the muscle. Good luck.

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