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Breast Implant Removal / Explant After Capsular Contracture, Will Tissue Soften Over Time?

Hi! I had capsular contracture in one breast (really hard and deformed breast). After an unsucessful revision I decided to have the implant out. The capsule was left inside. I am now almost 4 weeks postop, and the cc-breast has a rather large hard lump inside it under the breast tissue. It feels almost as an extension off the ribcage but it is movable. The other breast feels fine. Is this the hardened capsule? Will it soften over time? Thank you for any help.

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“Hard Lump” after Breast Implant Removal?


Thank you for the question.

Unfortunately,  it is not possible to diagnose the nature of the “hard lump” you are feeling. Your plastic surgeon will be in the best position to advise you after direct examination. If the area feels  similar to the scar tissue  you had prior to surgery,  then it  is likely to be the scar tissue remnant. Only time will tell if this scar tissue will resorb (or if further intervention will be necessary).

Best wishes.

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Implant removal and capsule


Not all capsules are removed when performing an explantation. It is hard to say exactly what you are feeling without knowing what was done in the OR or at least examining you. It could be the capsule, it could be fluid.  Check with your surgeon.

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Breast implant removal


Leaving the capsule in, after breast implant explant, may accumolate fluid inside the capsule. This could be what you are feeling.

A sonogram or mammogram will show that. Also see your surgeon for advise.

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