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Breast Implants Moved Up and Got Bigger

I had breast cancer 25 years ago. I had a new saline implants put in 7 years ago. Recently, 2 weeks ago it moved up too high and got bigger. What is happening?


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Breast expanding


It is unclear why your breast is moving up and getting bigger. I suggest that you see your surgeon to get an evaluation to see what is going on.

Manhattan Plastic Surgeon
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Definitely see your plastic surgeon


As the other doctors have so well said, this is time to go to your plastic surgeon for evaluation. Sudden changes can only come from fluid around the implant such as a hematoma, seroma, or infection. Gradual changes can be from a capsular contracture. All of these have a specific treatment. You want to be sure this is not related to your history of breast cancer so don't delay in getting this looked at. Good luck!

Seattle Plastic Surgeon
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Time for a plastic surgery evaulation


A recent change in your breast shape requires an immediate evaluation by a plastic surgeon. This could be caused by a capsular contracture. Another possibility is an erosion of a blood vessel into the pocket itself, especially if there was a rapid increase in size. A shift of the implant, giving you more fullness in the superior portions of the breast may only give you the impression that the breast size is larger when in realitiy it is not. Follow up with your plastic surgeon as soon as possible.

Atlanta Plastic Surgeon
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Capsule contracture


Fom your description it would seem that you have developed a capsule contracture.  I am sure that this can be confirmed with your plastic surgeon.  The best option is most likely a casulotomy or capsulectomy to reestablish a more desireable shape and size.  All the best.

Chicago Plastic Surgeon
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Get checked by a plastic surgeon


If your breast has truly gotten bigger by vloume, then you might have a hematoma around the implant. This can occur if there is a traumatic tear in the capsule surrounding the implant. Alternatively, if it only appears larger because it has moved up, this might occur due to capsular contracture, especially after radiation therapy for cancer. While it is more common to occur early on and immediately after radiation, hardening can occur spontaneously many years later. Finally, an infection is always a risk for foreign bodies such as breast implants and may declare itself with swelling. Implants themselves do not get bigger.

Beverly Hills Plastic Surgeon
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