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Correcting Capsular Contracture After Giving Birth

How long do you wait after giving birth to correct Capsular Contracture? Can you correct Capsular Contracture while breast feeding?

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Capsular contracture and breast feeding


If you have a capsular contracture and are breast feeding then you should wait several months after completing breast feeding to have them fixed.

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your breasts need to completely stabilize after breast feeding. They need to return to a normal state where there is no milk, the tissues have settled, and the skin stabilizes. Then a good asessment and plan can be made.

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Wait until after breast is stable


It would not be prudent to operate on your capsular contracture while you are breast-feeding for a number of reasons assuming it is just a benign, stable condition. You should wait a few months after you stop breast-feeding to allow your breasts to dry up and assume their final stable size and shape before you do corrective surgery. You might find that your shape or size has changed so dramatically that you will want to revise your breasts in more ways than simply releasing the capsule.

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