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Are You Able to Breast Feed After an Internal Breast Lift?

What exactly is involved in an internal breast lift? What damage is done to the tissue and nerves?

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Breast Feeding After Breast Lift


Thank you for your question. I assume by internal breast lift you are referring to suspension breast lift.

The breast gland should not be damaged by any lift procedure unless a reduction is done at the same time. Breast Lift is essentially a skin operation and the gland and nipple areola are left intact.

However if any glandular tissue is resected then some interference with breast feeding may occur.

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Breast Feeding after Breast Lift


   Breast feeding should not be compromised in most breast lifts.  However, some plastic surgeons manipulate the glandular tissue at the same time, and this may not be universal.

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Breast feed after Ultimate Breast Lift


The breast technique I use is called The Ultimate Breast Lift.  The breast tissue is shaped into a cone and suspended from your underlying muscle. This preserves areola sensitivity and the ability to breast feed.  The other advantage of this technique is it avoids the ugly boat anchor shaped scars of the Wise pattern that was developed in 1956.

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Gary Horndeski, M.D.

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Breast Feeding After Having A Breast Lift


Generally yes you can breast feed after having an internal breast lift. The breast gland should not be damaged by any lift procedure. However, remember that some women are unable to breast feed at all regardless of having any surgical procedure. Also take into consideration that each person's response to surgery is slightly different.

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Breast lift and breast feeding


Breast feeding may or may not be affected by breast lift surgery.  It really depends upon what technique is used and how much of the breast tissue is separated from the overlying tissue.

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Breast Feed After Breast Lift?


Pretty much all of the breast lift techniques are skin level procedures that tamper little with the glandular structure of the breast. The breast tissue maintains it anatomic relationship with the nipple and areola and with the chest wall. Typically, the expectation is that there is no interference with the ability to lactate.

Not all patients can successfully nurse, whether or not they have had breast surgery. 

The suspected pathway for inability to nurse after breast surgery is loss of nipple sensation, which interferes with the "let down reflex." Loss of sensation is quite uncommon after any plastic surgery on the breast , and is in the neighborhood of a few percent. 

Thank you for your question, best wishes.

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