Breast Augmentation Look Too Small After 5 Weeks?

Pre-op my bra size was a 34b. I am 4'11 and weigh 107lbs. My implants are HP saline 430cc's in the left and 470cc's in the right under muscle via areolar. At first the seemed huge and I was worried. Now it has been 5 weeks and they feel like they are not implants andd look too small. I don't understand. I want to be a 34DD. What's going on?

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Breast Augmentation

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In order to provide you with any valuable advice, you need to post some before and after pictures.  Without those, I can't adequately help you.


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Breast Augmentation Look Too Small After 5 Weeks?

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There is really not sufficient info here to properly respond to your questions. Photos from both before and after surgery would be helpful, and some idea of your current size.  I would expect a 2-3 cup size increase with implant of the size your received, but there are no fixed definitions of cup size. I am not sure what you mean when you say they don't feel like implants. If you have had a dramatic size change, a leak in the implants and deflation would be a possibility

Speak with your surgeon. Consider posting photos. Best wishes.

Too early to judge final result after a breast augmentation

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What you have most likely noticed is decreasing swelling in the upper pole of your breasts.  This is normal.  For someone your size you used just about as large of implant that will fit your anatomy.  A 450 cc implant should increase your breast size by about 2 1/2 to 3 cup sizes.  Too early to judge final result. 

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5 weeks after augmentation

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At 5 weeks after breast augmentation surgery, alot of swelling will have subsided and therefore the breasts may look a bit smaller.

Steven Wallach, MD
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Leaking implants

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The trauma from the augmentation surgery does result in swelling that will increase the fullness of your breasts. The swelling is mostly gone within a few weeks after surgery. Brest implants also make your own native breast tissue more compact. This change is usually seen on mammograms. Therefore, compaction of your breast tissue by the implant is another reason why your breasts have decreased in size by the 5th week after surgery. Another possibility is that the implants may have partially deflated. The fact that your breasts do not feel like implants is a good thing, if you mean that your breasts feel natural.



John J. Bandeian, MD
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Too Small Implants

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Right after surgery you have swelling that is due to the surgery itself plus this is a big change to your breast size.  Now that the swelling is going down and your skin, breast tissue, and muscle have relaxed the breasts appear smaller.  It is all a matter of perspective.  Alot of patients come in afraid of being too large, and even with our extensive sizing method, a few come back and wish they were larger.  As to being a DD, that is something that you need to discuss with your surgeon but a bra size varies on the type of bra and is so unreliable. 

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