I Year Post-Op Breast Implants one Breast Has Begun to Swell, Is an MRI the Right Step to Take?

I had breast augmentation a year and 3 months ago, I Am an aerobic instructor and 3 weeks ago the one breast swelled up, I have no pain, an ultrasound shows no fluid around the breast, and no silicon leak outside of the scar capsule, I am waiting for an MRI, is this correct to do?What could be the cause?

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Sudden Swelling of an Augmented Breast 1 year after Surgery. What could it be?

There is no "normal" process which would cause a sudden swelling of an augmented breast a year after the surgery without a ready emplanation (ie such as trama to the breast). A MRI is a reasonable next step as it may show an implant leak, seroma fluid etc. Occasionally, an implant infection may present as a sudden swelling. You should discuss this possibility with your surgeon.

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I Year Post-Op Breast Implants one Breast Has Begun to Swell, Is an MRI the Right Step to Take

The first step I would recommend is an ultrasound, and you have done that.  An MRI is the most specific test for determining the integrity of the implant shell, but it is not 100%.  If you have not already seen your plastic surgeon, I would recommend that first.  If you have, and he/she recommends the MRI, that would be the next step.  Sometimes surgery is the only thing that can accurately make a diagnosis.  Follow closely with your surgeon.

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