Breast Augmentation Revision Recovery Due to Capsular Contracture

I'm having breast augmentation revision surgery due to capsular contracture on both sides. I'm having capsulectomy on both sides and having new implants moved from subglandular to subpectoral. I am also getting larger implants. What is the recovery time for this surgery? Or has anyone undergone this process and how was the recovery/outcome?

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Breast Augmentation Revision Recovery


Post-Operative Healing following Breast revision varies from patient to patient and recovery recommendations also vary among different plastic surgeons - Best advice is to ask your surgeon his recommendations.

Below is what is typical for my practice.
This is an outpatient surgery and you will  probably go home in a bra or with only light dressings over the incision lines.

In my practice - Sutures are dissolvable but the ending knot is removed within 1-2 weeks.

Initial discomfort is easily controlled with oral medication. Light activities may be started in 7-10 days and return to work for light duty 1-2 weeks following surgery

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Recovery for revision breast augmentation


Hi there-

Because your recovery will depend on many variables, including the exact details of the planned procedure, your best bet is to ask your surgeon what they would expect your recovery to be given their better understanding of the surgery scheduled.

I would agree that the recovery will probably be a bit more difficult than your initial procedure.

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Worse recovery


Your recovery will most likely be worse than your first surgery due to the submuscular placement of the new implant and the fact that your old capsule will be removed, I believe the whole capsule needs to be removed if possible due to the most likely cause of capsular contracture: subclinical infection. After the surgery everybody recovers in a different way, you have an idea about how you recover from the first surgery but remember this will most likely be worse. Good luck

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Recovery after after revision breast augmentation surgery


Great question. Your recovery will be easier than expected and it likely relates to the fact that your skin and breast tissue have already been operated on and stretched by the implant. The plane change from subglandular to subpectoral will cause some discomfort as well the capsulectomy will too, but it will be easier the second and hopefully the last time around.

I hope this helps.

Dr. Trussler

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Recovery from breast augmentation


Recovery from breast augmenetation varies from patient to patient.  I usually tell patients that they can go back to work within a week after surgery.  Light aerobic activity can be performed at 3-4 weeks, and heavy lifting by 6-8 weeks.

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Recovery from capsulectomy and implant pocket exchange will obviously take longer than a primary breast augmentation. Your surgeon should provide you with the information on the recovery and plan of surgery. In my experience, you will need to plan for about a week of post-operative recovery.

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Recovery after capsulectomy


Your recovery may be longer than it was after the first operation because of the muscle dissection.  Also, after removing the capsule, many surgeons use drains because there is a larger raw surface that could seep fluid in the pocket.  I instruct my patients to resume their everyday activities as soon as possible, but to avoid heavy upper body exertion for 1 month.

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Breast implant augmentation removal replacement and capsulectomy


This is a signficantly more invasive procedure than your initial procedure due to the transitiion from over to under the muscle. Activity limitations vary by surgeon and I would discuss this. Drains may be in place and will also limit your activity during the postoperative period.

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Recovery for breast augmentation revision due to capsular contracture


First, you really should be asking your surgeon this question. But my simple response is a double recovery time. More pain is expected because of the change in anatomic location of the implants along with the increased size.

From MIAMI Dr. B

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Recovery from Revision Breast Augmentation Surgery


The recovery from implant scar tissue removal (capsulectomy) and relocation of the implant under the muscle will not be markedly worse than your first operation. The capsulectomy is usually partial - a complete capsulectomy is not needed here.

Placing the implant under the muscle MAY ache for a few days but since the breast and the skin are already stretched that aspect of the operation should not be of much bother.

You should be back to work in a few days.

Good Luck.

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