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Breast Augmentation Nipple Sensitivity and Pain on Left Side Since Op?

My surgery was in 2007, since then my left breast nipple has been over sensitive. It feels a bit like its been split if that makes sense. Direct pressure from say lying on my stomach there is pain. Is this something that I should worry about and get checked out or is it just a general after effect of surgery.

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Nipple sensitivity after augmentation


Sensory changes are possible after breast augmentation and I find more common with very large implants.  This is very difficult to treat and may require desensitization technqiues through a physical therapist.

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Breast Augmentation Nipple Sensitivity and Pain post-operatively


Thanks for your question.  Pain after breast augmentation, although not common, is definitely a possibility.  The nerves that supply the nipple arise laterally from the chest wall and innervate the nipple areola from below through the breast parenchyma. It is possible to injure these nerves if the surgeon is careless in dissecting in this area.  Large saline implants can also cause pressure on the nerve creating scar tissue and pain.


Some solutions to this problem are to switch from saline to a softer gel implant or decrease the size of the implant and perform a concomitant mastopexy or breast lift.  Non-surgical options would be anti-inflammatory medications and heat or cold packs. You should go back to your surgeon for an examination to see if capsular contracture or scarring is causing the problem.  It may also be indicated to image the breasts and the implants with ultrasound or mammogram.

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