How Much Does Breast Augmentation Cost?

What is the approximate cost of breast augmentation surgery?

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Breast Augmentation Pricing How much do Breast Implants Cost?

The price for breast augmentation can vary, sometimes significantly.
remember that nothing is more expensive than results that don't meet your hopes and expectations, and re-operation fees. take your time selecting your plastic surgeon.
If possible, visit many plastic surgery websites and select a few physicians based on their training, experience, results (including mamny nefore and after photos), reputation. and philosophy. The most expensive surgeon may or may not be the ideal surgeon for you. "Lowball" pricing may often be an attempt to fill an empty O.R. schedule, or may not be the inclusive cost of surgery.
In my practice, the price for breast augmentation  includes all pre and post-operative visits, pain control pump, a body garment, board certified anesthesiologist, operating room charges in a dual certified (Joint Commission and AAAASF) surgical theater, and no aditional change for an overnight  visit if the patient elects to do so. We insist that out of town patients stay overnight with medical observation.
In order not have any surprises, ask if there are additional potential chages for pre or post-operative visits, pain control devices,or garments. Be sure that there are no additional charges for office visits. There should never be a charge for an office visit if a patient has a concern. In fact, most plastic surgeons want to see you if you have a concern.
Ask if the fee you have been given includes the O.R. staff , equipment and supplies including pain pumps, garments, and of course a board certified anesthesiologist.
Please do not make your decision on the plastic surgeon based on who has the lowest price without looking at the whole picture and taking your time researching to find the right plastic surgeon for you. Always, ask to see many photographs, speak to patients and ask your own physician about any plastic surgeon you are considering.

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Atlanta - Breast Augmentation pricing

Breast Augmentation with Silicone implants $4,400.00/ Breast Augmentation with saline implants $3,500.00. These prices include the doctors professional fee, the state licensed facility fee, the M.D. anesthesiologist fee and all of your follow up visits. You also receive a free $200.00 Victoria's Secret certificate after surgery.  This is special pricing at this time.

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Breast Augmentation Pricing

Most offices seem to charge between $2500 - $3500 as a surgeon's fee for primary breast augmentation.  Other fees that affect the overall price include implant costs and anesthesia/OR facility charges.  Fees vary widely depending on location within the country, as they should, since overhead costs vary as well.     

Brian M. Braithwaite, MD
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Texas breast augmentation cost

In Fort Worth and Southlake, Texas, the cost of breast implant surgery including the costs for the operating room, surgeon, anesthesia, breast implants, and all office visits is $4100 for Saline Implants for all realself visitors. Silicone implants cost $1000 more.  To learn more visit my website below.

Jonathan Heistein, MD
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Breast Augmentation pricing

Many factors combine to determine the cost of breast augmentation. The most concrete variable is implant cost. Saline devices are less expensive than round silicone devices which are less expensive than contour implants. Surgeons therefore may have a three tier (or more) pricing for the implants themselves. The anesthesia provider cost varies; an anesthesiologist commands more money than does a nurse anesthetist while no anesthestia provider would be cheapest (stay away from this situation). The number and training of the other personnel effects the cost; nurses are more expensive than technicians. The surgical setting matters; ambulatory or office based surgery centers are generally more cost efficient than are hospitals. But make sure the facility is properly accredited and adequately staffed. Costs vary by region of the country. And of course fees vary by surgeon. 

For patients who are extremely price sensitive I would suggest prioritizing in the following fashion:

1. Make sure that your surgeon is a board certified plastic surgeon. All members of the American Society of Plastic Surgeons as well as all members of the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery are board certified plastic surgeons. Breast augmentation is extremely safe when done properly but is dangerous when not. In my part of the country a patient recently died while having her breast augmentation performed by a family practice doctor in the back of a day spa. Make sure your surgeon is a member of the ASPS and/or ASAPS.

2. Choose a plastic surgeon with experience in aesthetic breast surgery. Not all plastic surgeons have the same revision rate for breast augmentation; revision makes any breast augmentation expensive. A more experienced surgeon, however, may have a higher surgeon fee.

3. Properly accredited and safely staffed facility. All members of the ASPS and ASAPS are required to operate only in fully accredited facilities. However, there are no such stipulations on the staffing of the facility. Ask who the anesthesia provider will be. Ask who will be caring for you before, during and after the operation - are they nurses or technicians. Are they trained as OR and PACU (post anesthesia care unit) nurses. 

4. The implant itself. Although I believe that silicone implants are superior to saline implants, I believe that a patient is better off choosing a an experienced surgeon and a saline implant rather than an inexperienced surgeon and a silicone implant. 

5. If the surgeon owns her/his operating facility you may be offered a discount if you are flexible with your date of surgery and/or able to have surgery on short notice. 

6. Some patients have access to plastic surgery resident clinics. Patients in such clinics are primarily cared for by physicians who are in their plastic surgery training program (residency), generally their last year of training. An attending (board certified plastic surgeon) will oversee the case and assist the resident surgeon. Such cases are performed in a hospital (at least to my knowledge). This can be a safe way to minimize costs with all of the obvious trade-offs.

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How much does a breast augmentation

Cost varies a lot.  What you need to know is what makes up the cost. saline vs silicone.  Silicone is more expensive.  Anesthesia provider.  Is your doctor using an anesthesiologist (aka MD) vs a CRNA ( a nurse).  Obviously the MD is more expensive.  Where is it done.  A medicare certified facility is the best OR and most expensive.  And finally how long does it take your surgeon to do the case.  30min vs my 2hrs.  Who is closing your incisions?  Is he doing both or is his tech closing half.  The faster he does it the cheaper the cost.  Therefore make sure you know what you are paying for.

Good luck

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Cost of Breast Augmentation

This varies depending on your location and surgeon choice.  It can range from $4K (saline) to the high end of $8K for gel implants.  Surgery is not the time to "bargain-shop".  Learn the prices in your area and then choose your surgeon based on their experience and results.  It will be worth it!

Dustin L. Reid, MD
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Cost of Breast Augmentation

That’s a great question!

In order to simplify things, it’s easiest to make sure you understand what the OVERALL cost of the procedure is, and what precisely it includes in terms of cost and expertise in your geographical region. Our range depending on your specific needs is $5,000 - $7,500. It should absolutely be all-inclusive, and the most influential factors include,

  • Is this an actual Plastic Surgeon performing the operation?
  • Is the plastic surgeon Fellowship Trained specifically in aesthetic plastic surgery?
  • Does the surgeon hold privileges at a local hospital, as a Plastic Surgeon?
  • Where will the surgery be performed? Hospital or certified outpatient surgery center?
  • What type of anesthesia will be used? General versus local anesthesia?

Choose your surgeon based NOT only on price, but whether you feel he would truly walk you thru the process and can achieve your long-term aesthetic goals. Also, it is not unreasonable to ask to speak to prior patients, visit the surgical facility, and see before and after photos.

You should also keep in mind that your choice of plastic surgery practice and surgeon, should also be a long-term choice. Chances are that you may want further services for yourself, family, and friends and want to establish a place where you become a member of the family. So be sure you love the staff, and the overall feel of the office. This should be a long-term investment in your future.

Best wishes.

How Much Does Breast Augmentation Cost?

Breast augmentation for saline implants may range from $4000 to $6000. Breast augmentation with silicone implants may range from $6000 to $8000 or more. Gummy bear variants cost an additional amount beyond a regular silicone implant and add to these figures. I perform breast augmentations with all implants available and through all incisions available.

Find a plastic surgeon with ELITE credentials who performs hundreds of breast augmentations each year. Then look at the plastic surgeon's website before and after photo galleries to get a sense of who can deliver the results.

Kenneth Hughes, MD Los Angeles, CA

Cost for Breast Augmentation

Breast Augmentation cost varies anywhere from around $4,000-$7,000 for saline implants and $5,000-$8000 for silicone.  The surgeon, facility fee, and region where you are having the surgey is what will determine the price.  In our Austin office, we charge $4000 for saline implants, and $5000 for silicone which includes my surgeon fee, the implant cost, along with anesthesia and operating room fees.

Jeffrey W. Hall, MD
Austin Plastic Surgeon
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