Tightness and Discomfort After Breast Augmentation

I am 24 days post breast augmentation with mastopexy for the left breast. When I bend down, I still feel pressure or discomfort. Is this normal and will it go away?

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Mastopexy and pressure

 Bending over after breast surgery increases your blood pressure and will cause throbbing or discomfort for several weeks.  Be patient, this most likely will go away over time.

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Discomfort, tightness normal after breast augmentation

Breast implants will press against the pectoralis muscle making your chest feel tight. Especially in healthy athletic patients, it will take time (2-3 months) before these feelings go away.

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Discomfort will go away as nerves adapt to the implant

You may be experiencing a dyesthesia from the stretching of the lateral nerves. This is very common and can be positional. When you bend over you are adding stretch to the nerves. This is usually described as a burn or deep ache sensation. Light massage helps but this will go away as the nerves and breast tissue adapt to the implant.

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Tightness and discomfort after augmentation can be normal

I would like to echo what the other doctors have said, and add that if you are pre menopausal, you may feel more discomfort during your menses--especially if you have PMS.

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Discomfort and tightness normal after Breast Augmentation


Have patience. You are only 3 weeks out from your surgery. Discomfort and tightness are common after breast augmentation and mastopexy. Your tissues will relax and soften over the next few months. Good luck!

The tightness will resolve with time

Having some discomfort and tightness with movement after breast augmentation/mastopexy can happen and is normal. For most women, this will resolve over the course of a few weeks.

Discuss with your surgeon what he or she would like you to do over the next few weeks to help the implant settle and the scars soften. I wil usually have my patients begin massaging the breasts as well as the scars at about 2 weeks after the procedure-- I find this not only helps the implants settle and the scars fade, but also reduces the discomfort that some patients have.

Overall, sounds like you're healing normally,

Dr. Salemy

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Tightness and discomfort after breast augmentation

Thank you for your question. Sorry to hear that you are still uncomfortable at 3.5 weeks out. It is not uncommon to have some residual discomfort, especially with different positions that may stretch the developing scar tissue. If things don't progressively get better or rather gets worse, then you may want to consider revisiting with your plastic surgeon.

Breast Augmentation

Your still healing at 24 days after surgery, it will get better with some time.  We tell our patients that it can take up to 6 weeks to 6 months to heal and to see the final results. Give it some time to settle down and if you still have concerns talk to your doctor.

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Tightness and Discomfort After Breast Augmentation

Thank you for your question. I have included some typical expectations of breast surgery recovery and signs to watch for following breast augmentation:

  • Stiffness, swelling and bruising in the chest region: These are normal experiences as the skin, muscles and tissue heal. Pain medication and muscle relaxants will help you cope with any discomfort. Consistent sharp pain should be reported to your board-certified surgeon.
  • Hypersensitivity of nipples or lack of sensitivity: This is normal and will gradually resolve over time.
  • A mild to severe itchy feeling of the breasts is possible as healing progresses. An antihistamine like Benadryl can help to alleviate severe, constant itchiness. If the skin becomes red and hot to the touch, contact your board-certified surgeon immediately.
  • Asymmetry, the breasts look different, or heal differently: Breasts may look or feel quite different from one another in the days following surgery. This is normal. No two breasts in nature or following surgery are perfectly symmetrical.
  • Discuss returning to work with your board-certified surgeon, in our office it is typically 3-5 days post-surgery but you may not overexert yourself or do any heavy lifting.
  • You may resume exercise and your normal routine at six weeks unless your surgeon advises otherwise.
As always, please follow up with your board-certified surgeon with any questions or concerns regarding your recovery. Best of luck!

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Too early to worry

At 24 days after surgery you are too early to worry.  You had a big surgery, you must allow it to heal.  Be very careful with your physical activity until the pain subsides.  Do not push through the pain.

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