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Breakouts After Rhinoplasty

I had nose job last month & since then i got pimple on my face & nose. even on my nostril's & almost inside my nose. is it related to my operation?

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Skin Eruptions after Rhinoplasty


Acne can occur after rhinoplasty secondary to the stress of surgery, including anesthesia. Ask your surgeon about treatment of this temporary condition or see a board certified dermatologist.

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Breakouts after rhinoplasty


This is a result of the stress on the nasal skin from the operation. It occurs in 1% of rhinoplasties, and is more common if you are a acne patient. Local care, cleaning the nasal skin, or even a dermatologist visit will help.


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Pimples after rhinoplasty


It's very, very common for patients to experience several days or weeks of acne breakouts after rhinoplasty. It's (usually) harmless and is probably caused by a combination of occluded pores from the tape and cast on the nose as well as the "hypermetabolic" nature of the healing skin and soft-tissues of the nose. This is especially more common in patients with more sebaceous (oily) skin or who have a prior history of acne.

Talk to your surgeon about ways to minimize it. I usually recommend my patients gently wash the nose with a non-detergent cleanser after surgery to keep it to a minimum.

Good luck,


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