Brazillian Butt Lift for Thin Girl- Will It Work?

I'm not looking for a huge or even big butt. I'm 21% fat 5ft3in. I don't have much extra fat but I really don't want implants I can't really gain weight. I do have a little belly and fat on my upper arms and back. I just need a little volume and to be more symmetrical. After my knee surgery 2 years I can't get the volume back. I'm looking for just literally a little volume. Will it work for someone like me?

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The Brazilian Butt Lift Technique


Hi there-

Without examining you, it would be impossible to say whether or not you are a candidate. 

I can tell you that we have many smaller patients who have achieved lovely outcomes (you can see some of them below).

Your best bet is to find a surgeon with lots of experience and skill in this technique (we are not all the same). Be sure they are Certified by The American Board of Plastic Surgery and that they can show you MANY lovely photos of their own work (also be careful that the photos you look at weren't taken in the OR!).


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Brazillian Butt Lift for Thin Girl- Will It Work?


The amount of volume a surgeon can put in your buttocks is directly proportional to the amount he/she can remove from other areas of your body. As long as you are not a smoker it should work. To dertermine how much volume you have to transfer you need to meet with a surgeon who is experienced with the technique.

Paul Vitenas, Jr., MD
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Brazilian Buttock lift


The fat removed can be cleaned and transferred to the buttocks. There is enough fat even in petit people . Also brazilian Butt enhancement is more than just fat transfer, it is liposuction of key areas around the buttocks to shape the buttock area.

Samir Shureih, MD
Baltimore Plastic Surgeon

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Enough Fat for a Brazilian Butt Lift


A Brazilian Butt Lift does require more fat than other procedures to get a good result. The only was to be sure is to see an experienced Board Certified Plastic Surgeon.

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