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Brazilian Butt Lift - Permanent? Multiple Areas?

Is the brazilian butt lift permanent? And what is the starting price or price around? Could you put fat in thigh area too and calves? thanks.

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Permanent results after Brazilian butt lift


The Brazilian butt lift is a safe and effective technique that can improve the contour of your bottom and create a beautiful result. It is a combination of procedures that consists of aggressive liposuction of the abdomen hips and waist and lower back, separation and processing of the fat that has been collected, and strategic grafting to the gluteal area.

The beauty of the Brazilian butt lift is that the tissue that we rely on for your result is 100% you. For this reason, we do not have to be concerned with rejection by your body for abnormal firm areas or capsules. You will retain the results permanently. Keep in mind that over a very long period of time your body will lose elasticity and fat volume as a normal process in aging.

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Brazilian Butt Lift Permanence


A Brazilian Butt Lift involves harvesting fat from an unwanted area and then preparing it for transfer where it is injected into the buttocks as a living transplant. As long as you maintain your body at a stable level, the results should be permanent. Implants are also another permanent option but this procedure is riskier and involves a longer recovery time. Fat can be transferred successfully to other body areas

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Brazilian Butt lift results permanent


The BBL results are generally permanent after the initial period of graft take. In general, we do not adivse fat grafting to the ankles or calves.

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Brazilian Butt enhancement


Brazilian Butt Enhancement or fat transfer to the buttock is permanent, However the results are injector dependant, experience counts. some of the fat will absorb, with good technique it is minimal.

after 12 weeks what you got, is long term.

Cost depend on how many areas in the body need to be liposuctioned to get the amount of fat to get to the desired results, Can range from $ 12k-17k

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Ah, The Brazilian Butt Lift



The results of the Brazilian Butt Lift, or fat transfer buttock augmentation, are permanent after about six months.  By that time, any fat that will be absorbed has done so and the remain fat should stay permanently.  The surgery is well tolerated and usually gives a very nice result.  Find a board certified plastic surgeon in your area for pricing as prices vary by region of the country.  Good luck!

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Brazilian Butt Lift/Fat Transfer results are permanent!


Hi XCherryX

Yes, the results from the Brazilian Butt Lift are permanent. Whatever fat survives being transferred to your buttocks should be there permanently. I have been doing this procedure for over 12 years and have seen patients back at about 8-10 years after their original surgery. They looked as good as they did about 3 months afterwards.

The main issue is getting the fat to survive. Be sure you consult with someone experienced in this procedure who can show you lots of photos of patients with the results you are seaking. And, be sure you follow your surgeons post op instructions Exactly!  
Good luck!

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