Brazilian Butt Lift While Liquid Around my Hip and Butt?

I would love to travel to US to have Brazilian butt lift. Last year i have Hyaluronic filler injected into my hip and butt. I have no idea what kind of Hyaluronic filler injected in my butt, but i want a bigger and curvier butt and hip. So is it ok to have fat grafting done, while my filler around my hip and butt. I still want the filler around it, but i want bigger hip and butt from fat grafting to add on it. The filler is located between the skin of my hip and butt. Thanks Nikki

Doctor Answers 2

Fillers are not for the whole life and expensive worst if they are not biodegradated/los expansores son caros y se disuelven

we doubt about you put into your hips and butt, any serious plastic surgeon would put something fast resorbing substance and worst to put something else than persists more than a couple of years, so if we try to put  your own fat  as it should be perhaps we may contaminate the interior substance and get a complication, please  try to inquire which substance it is.

nosotros dudamos que te hallan colocado algo bueno en tus gluteos y cadera, porque ningun cirujano plastico serio lo haria, es mucho mejor  tu propia grasa y plasma

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