Losing Fat Transferred Through Brazilian Butt Lift by Losing Weight?

I've been told that if you work out after a Brazilian Butt Lift, it may burn most of that fat away.

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Brazilian Butt Lift and weight loss

Hi there-

Your question highlights a common misconception about the Brazilian Butt Lift- that to get the best outcome you should not exercise or lose weight because doing so would cause you to lose the buttock volume gained through the procedure. This is not what would actually happen.

After healing has occurred, and the new fatty tissue placed into the buttocks has established its blood supply, and you have established your new body dimensions and shape, this shape should be relatively permanent for you. In other words, in a Brazilian Butt Lift we are changing the shape of your body by making some areas smaller and the buttocks larger, so that the end result is a more beautiful contour. These relative proportions and new shape should not change dramatically with weight gain or loss- if you lose weight you will no doubt get smaller, but should do so in the same proportion established at surgery- so that even if you lose weight, your buttocks will continue to look larger compared to the rest of your body- the benefits of the surgery are maintained.

This is something I take advantage of when I have a patient who desires a larger derriere, but at the time of her consultation does not have enough fat available for satisfactory grafting. In these cases, and if the patient is willing, I will have her deliberately gain weight, so that we can take the fat gained out of areas it is not wanted, and place it into the buttocks. After surgery, she may resume exercise and lose the weight gained, with the knowledge that even though the whole body will get smaller, the proportions and shape achieved in surgery will be maintained- she will still have a larger, rounder behind.

I hope that answers your question- good luck!

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Exercise and Weight loss following Brazilian Butt Lift

Exercising your buttock muscles after you have recovered should not affect the fat transferred to this area unless you also lose weight

In general  it is best to be at your stable long term weight to reduce the probability for revision surgery. It makes little or no sense to loose or gain weight for a surgical procedure including Brazilian Butt Lift unless you can maintain that weight for many years.

The reason for this is that the fat cells tend to remember it origin and behave that way. In other words when you lose weight you will also shrink the size of the fat cells transferred to your buttocks and conversely when you gain weight you will gain it also in the area it was transferred to.

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Losing weight after fat transfer

You essentially are not losing the fat cells that are in that area. Fat cells will shrink and expand depending on your diet and fitness routine. If you gain weight, then depending on how your fat cells expand, it will then increase in the area that you had your Brazilian Butt Lift.

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