Installment Payment for Brazilian Butt Lift?

Can I pay for a Brazilian butt lift in installments without interest?

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We accept pre payments as well. However, we also allow you to finance a portion of the surgery after the surgery is completed, just as you would with a finance company. You still have top sign a contract as you would with a finance company and make monthly payments on time to prevent defaulting. But if you could do this before surgery, we know you can do it after surgery as well.

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In my practice, we happily accept installment payments over time, with no interest... It is necessary that the full balance be paid prior to the procedure, but we have found that this option allows patients the freedom and convenience they seek.

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Prior to surgery, most definitely


I'm sure that there are many plastic surgeons, myself included, that would allow installment payments for your surgery without interest. The only condition would be that all of the payment is complete before your surgery. Expect that if you don't eventually proceed with the surgery you will be responsible for a deposit fee to be kept by the surgeon for securing a surgery slot. Good luck!

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