Doctor Recommendations for Brazilian Butt Lift in Illinois

I am having trouble finding a doctor in Illinois that has a lot of experience in the brazilian butt-lift does anyone know one in Illinois or near by? Or does anyone know a good deal if you have to travel to another state? Or....(this might be ridiculous) but do doctors ever go on tour to different states?

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Brazilian Butt Lift

Hi there-

I am not aware of an experienced Brazilian Butt Lift Surgeon in Illinois. There are many excellent surgeons offering this procedure, and as you may know, it IS very important to find someone with a great deal of experience performing this technique.

Because this technique is still growing in popularity, many patients do travel for this procedure, and therefore many of us are experienced in assisting patients with travel and recovery arrangements.

Do your homework and find a surgeon you think can keep you safe and give you the outcome you desire, and then contact them to enquire about the logistics of the trip.

Be prepared to stay in town for a while- remember that your safety must come first!

Do your homwork before Brazilian butt lift

It sounds like you are doing your homework, I applaud you.  It is always important to research your surgeon to make sure that he/she is a good match.  Unfortunately, that means that sometimes you have to travel to find the one.  Most offices will assist with local accomodations to make sure that your experience is smooth.  Happy hunting.

Dennis Dass, MD
Beverly Hills Plastic Surgeon
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Chicago Brazilian Butt lift resutls: see linked VIDEO below.

The Brazilian Butt lift is a procedure who's results depend on the liposuction AS WELL AS the grafting the buttocks. The outcome depend upon the surgeon's skills as well as the patient's anatomy. In the attached link is a video showing results in 3 different individuals including one who underwent simultaneous tummy tuck. There are many surgeons who perform this procedure in Chicago, Meet with several and then make a decision. Surgeons generally do not travel to perform this surgery.

Otto Joseph Placik, MD
Chicago Plastic Surgeon
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Chicago PS

There are great plastic surgeons in Chicago. Meet with more than one of them and discuss all options and risks.

Then decide when you are comfortable with your surgeon, experience, availability, and sense of artestry and beaty of the buttock area

Samir Shureih, MD
Baltimore Plastic Surgeon
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