Exercise to Maintain Brazilian Butt Lift?

I was told by friends that after getting a Brazilian Butt Lift, you have to work out a lot, and I mean a lot, if you want to maintain it and not go back to the way you looked or worse. Is this true?

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Exercise will help you maintain your new figure


After a Brazilian Butt lift, we recommend our patients initiate an exercise regimen and a healthy and balanced diet. This will accentuate the results that you received from all the suction and will maintain good muscle tone that will show off your new curves.

For more information on Brazilian butt lifts or butt augmentation, please schedule an iConsult or visit us online at the link below.

Web reference: http://www.miamiaesthetic.com/butt_augmentation_lift.htm

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Is it necessary for exercise to become my full time job in order to maintain my Brazilian Butt Lift?


Hi there-

I'm not sure where your friends are getting their information, but they're wrong...

After you have healed from your Brazilian Butt Lift, the new shape your body has taken on should be relatively permanent- meaning that weight gain and weight loss are of course still possible, but the shape of your body that resulted from surgery should be maintained.

There is no reason to think that if you don't exercise like a mad woman that your outcome will somehow expire. A healthy amount of exercise is always in your best interests, and exercise does help keep the shape of the buttocks attractive, but this is true regardless of whether or not you have had a BBL...

I hope that helps you-

Please also read the following, which will help you understand the procedure from a patient's perspective:


Web reference: http://www.DrArmandoSoto.com

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Yes and no


Exercise will help to bulk your Glutes muscle and improve the result. The down side is the loss of the graftedcfat if you fat % goes  too low.

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You can never go wrong with exersise


After A brazilian Butt lift it is recomended to train and excersise yourself to increase the effects of the prosedure. Also some therapy is required to help you recover so try to keep the exersises low intensity at first to help with the healing process.

Web reference: http://vanitymiami.com/brazilian-butt-lift-miami/

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Post Brazilian Butt Lift


After a Brazilian Butt lift, I recommend my patients to maintain a healthy lifestyle. This will accentuate the results that you received from the procedure and enhance muscle tone. Consult with a board certified plastic surgeon who specializes in the brazilian butt lift procedure for best results.

Web reference: http://www.jaimeperezmd.com

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Butt Augmentation Workout



I am not sure where your friends are getting this information, but they are misguided...fat cells that survive after a buttock augmentation provide the volume that makes the augmentation of the buttock such a wonderful procedure...it is not an implant, which can become infected or hardened and painful and it is not a temporary injectable which resorbs over time. Once the fat cells survive, they are there for life....volume fluctuations may occur with normal weight gain, but a heavy work out regimine may actually be more detrimental than helpful.

Dr. C

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