Brazilian Buttock Augmentation ~ Does It Work?

How is a Brazillian butt lift different from any other type of butt lift?  How many types are there?  Is there some sort of regular butt lift that is different or better? I just want my booty to look rounder and more of the Apple Bottom look... is that Brazillian? 

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They are very different


A regular butt lift will take sagging buttocks tissue and lift it up by cutting out and tightening loose skin. It typically will not add volume to your bottom end unless an autoaugmentation procedure is used at the same time. An autoaugmentation procedure uses the deep tissues over the gluteus muscles and fold them up to bulk up the newly lifted tissues. The scarring and downtime can be significant. It is a good procedure for patients with loose skin (eg. massive weight loss, etc.) A Brazilian butt lift is actually a procedure that takes fat harvested during liposuction of other areas and after preparation it gets injected into the gluteal area to volumize the buttocks. The scarring is minimal and the so is the down time. Survival of fat is variable so it is possible to need additional touchups down the road.

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Brazilian butt lift


Buttock augmentation in the form of fat injection or the Brazilian butt lift is a fat surgery. Fat is the storage compartment. When you take in calories that you do not burn that very second they are stored as fat. What you do with the Brazilian butt lift is to liposuction fat away from places we do not want fat and move it to the buttocks, to lift shape and shade the buttocks.
What you are physically doing is liposuction in the abdomen, back and flank, collecting this fat, removing the blood, fluid and ruptured fat cells and then re-injecting the fat into the buttocks using multiple small volume injections in multiple planes. If you remove 3000 mL of fat with liposuction all of this is not available for injection approximately 1/3 of which liposuction is good enough to be used for injection. This would leave about 1000 mL from the injection. 65% of the fat you inject should survive to give a permanent change in the buttocks.
The hardest part of the Brazilian butt lift is preserving the injected fat. This requires 10 days of not sitting and sleeping on the stomach. Sitting and putting pressure on the buttocks will kill the fat cells and cause an suboptimal result. The pain of the procedure is essentially the pain from liposuction. The patient will have a hard night the first night but then much better by the second of the night. Most patients require pain medicine for only 4 to 5 days. There is no exercise for two weeks, after that, light treadmill level of exercise can be done. Four weeks must pass before heavy exercise can be done. It takes 2 to 3 months before all the swelling resolves and you get the final look. Lymphatic massage is the best way to speed up the resolution of the swelling and ensure the best results.

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Different techniques, different goals


Hi there-

A traditional butt lift involves excision of loose skin from the upper buttock and lower back area, in order to reshape the buttocks in a patient who has experienced a significant weight loss and who has experienced sagging of the butt as a result.

A Brazilian Butt Lift involves removing unwanted fat by liposuction and injection of this fat into the buttocks. This is best for women who have good skin tone, but lack the buttocks volume, shape, and fullness they desire.

Based on your described goals, it sounds like a Brazilian Butt Lift would be more likely to achieve your goals for you. Find a surgeon certified by The American Board of Plastic Surgery, and with experience performing these procedures, and discuss your goals with them.

Hope you get the butt you dream of!

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Brazilian Butt Lift is Most Natural


The Brazilian buttock enhancement technique uses the bodies own fat cells to add volume and to shape and enhance the buttocks. Regular buttock lift is a vague term that can refer to large incisions that may be required to lift the buttock skin. This is best for patients that have lost massive amounts of weight who need lifting of the loose skin and soft tissue of the buttocks.

Only tiny liposuction type incisins are require dto move the bodies own fat cells from where they are not needed to enhance the buttock shape. Transferring the fat throughout the different layers of the buttocks will add and enhance the shape and volume of the buttock without being very invasive.

While this technique can be combined with implants, it is more often best to perform the procedure by itself. Implants are rarely a natural feel and do not last very long. A lot of complications have been reported with implants.


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Brazilian butt lift results


There are two major ways of lifting the buttocks. One is the procedure known as the Brazilian butt lift and the other is the traditional excisional butt lift. So, what is the difference? The Brazilian butt lift is recommend to those patients that have from mild to moderate butt sagginess and relative good skin tone. During this procedure, fat is harvested from your abdomen, flanks, axilla, upper and lower back and injected into the buttocks. The increase in volume will not only augment your buttocks but will also lift your butt to some extent. This is a total body transformation with improvement in your hip to waist ratio resulting in a better and curvier figure.

Now, if your butt is very saggy, then, injecting fat is not going to be the best option for you. In this case, an incision is performed (like a tummy tuck incision but instead of straight, the incision follows the curvature of the buttocks) and the actual excess of skin is removed. This will remove the excessive skin and lift your buttock to a more youthful location. This procedure will not augment your buttocks, it will only lift your buttocks. If you have a buttock with a low projection, then, your buttock will still be with a low projection. Typically, the butt is augmented in a second surgery if the patient wants such change.

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Butt lift information


As others have answered, Brazilian butt lift is called that because in Brazil, it looks like all of the women have had their buttock lifted!  The procedure involves exactly what you're stating, an apple bottom look (if that's what you're looking for).  Typically, one is limited by your shape, muscle and frame.  It depends on how high your pelvis goes up relative to your gluteus and what general shape it's in.  These details will be clarified during your visit with a board certified plastic surgeon.


Best Wishes,


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Brazilian Butt Lift: What is it and what are the options


A Brazilian Butt lift involves harvesting fat from around the buttock through liposuction and then injecting prepared fat into the deeper tissue in the buttock to help improve shape and projection of the buttock. This is a relatively non-invasive approach to buttock contouring that takes approximately 3 hours and is an outpatient operation. The options for buttock contouring include a standard buttock lift which can involve the creation of fatty flaps which help maintain buttock shape through large upper buttock incisions, as well as buttock implants which have a high revision rate. The advantages to the Brazilian Butt Lift are it includes liposuction around the area to harvest fat, non-invasive with minimal side-effects other than not enough fat  maintained after 6 months. Thin patients usually do not have enough fat to give the 200 to 400 cc of prepared fat for each buttock.

I hope this helps.

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