Brazil Butt Lift + Thigh Lift? Or Lower Body Lift? (photo)

I've lost 80 pounds (now I'm 5'5 and 137lbs) and I'm quite happy with my body except for my butt and thighs. I have deep dents and dimples on my butt and it has flattened in shape. I also have some 'loose fat and skin in the inner thighs, and dents on the back and outer thighs. The front and inside of my legs look good when I pull up the skin of my inner thighs. Can fat be used to fill in the dimples on my butt, as well as give it shape and volume? What can be done about the outer thigh dents?

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Brazil Butt Lift + Thigh Lift? Or Lower Body Lift?

Thanks for the questions and posted photos. You have many options. The most aggressive is a lower body lifting surgery, or thigh lift with fat grafts to buttock. Next doing CELLULAZE operation on the buttock and thighs to improve the appearance of the cellulite. Finally fat grafting to deep dents. Non surgical therapies are available BUT very temporary. Best to obtain in person evaluations. 

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