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Do I Need Braces? (photo)

So my dentist told me i had a 50 % overbite do i need braces? Also can the put braces on fake teeth my two front teeth are fake cause i chipped them before well half of them are fake. Anyways if i do not need braces do i need herbst appliance etc etc? Thanks in advance. Bye the way I am 11.

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I think you should go see an orthodontic specialist right away.  Ask him all these  questions and get his recommendations.  It may NOT be the best time for braces just yet depending on how many of your permanent teeth are in.   It is likely that  the fit of your teeth and your smile could be improved and we all would like to look the very best that we can.  I am very happy to see you doing your own research on this problem.  Also, if you are going to see an orthodontist, go on the web and look at his web site for answers and find all of the reviews that you can about him to see what other people think of him.  Feel free to see more than one orthodontist for opinions also and see which one you like the best.  

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Need for braces/Orthodontics


Orthodontics/Braces are used correct 2 problems:

1. Functional problems: It is hard to see if you have any functional problems from these pictures. However from your overjet, it is highly likely that you lack proper functioning (cuspid rise and anterior guidance) You will have to see an orthodontist to evaluate this ideally. If you are not correctly functioning on front teeth, you might be wearing down your back teeth.

2. Esthetic/Cosmetic problems: Your front teeth are not super crooked but they are also not straight and orthodontics can correct that. Your overjet is excessive. With the lack of a relaxed lip picture it is hard to see what trouble this causes your lips in closing.

Please go see an orthodontist

Vijay Bhagia, Space Center Orthodontics, Houston TX


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