I have 600cc in the left and 650cc on the right. Are My Implants Bottoming Out?

i had constricted breasts/tuberous. my ps said he lowered the pocket on the one that needed it. i had my surgery on the 18th. when i look at the one where he lowered the pocket it looks like the implant dropped already, but pasted the pocket and went flat. i can still see where my old crease was and the implant did not fill out and round out the bottom of my breast. 600cc in left and 650cc's on right, high profile. does it sound like the one that had the pocket lowered bottomed out? :(

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Breast Implant Bottoming Out

Your question is difficult to answer without photos.  However, at this early stage, due to swelling, it is very difficult to pass judgment as the breast shape may be distorted.  Bottoming this early is uncommon, so I recommend patience. If you are still concerned, see your surgeon. 

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Breast augmentation and tubular breast

When you're doing an augmentation on the patient with tubular breast it is necessary to lower the infra mammary fold. A high fold in breast herniation nipple is the definition of tubular breast.

In my patients after augmentation for tubular deformity it will take 3 months or more for the infra mammary fold to  stretch out and resolve. Most times it will resolve but sometimes it does not go away completely.

You're still very early and you have a lot of healing left to do. If you can go talk to Dr. and voice your concerns. Your doctor can tell you if there's anything to do at this time like bands, tapes are using a bra or if just time will solve the problems. 

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Breast implants will take a few months to settle

I can not comment on your case without seeing photos. It will take a few months for the implants to settle and for the skin to relax, especially since those are fairly large implants that you have. This could also be a "double bubble" deformity based on your description. Follow up closely with your plastic surgeon and allow time for the implants to settle, this could take up to six months.

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Bottoming out in tuberous breasts

One of the hallmarks of a tuberous breast is a high fold and short lower pole.  There is no getting around the need to lower the fold and often a shadow will exist where the original fold was.  It is way too soon to tell what the final outcome is.  No matter what you look like now I would not consider a revision for 4-6 months,  It's not unusual to have to revise a truly tuberous breast augmentation.  They are not nearly as easy as normal breast augmentations.  Wait three months and post photos to us again.  Don't despair.  You are on the way to having more normal breasts.  It will be worth the wait even if you do need a little touch-up.

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Questions regarding bottloming out of breasts

Without any photos that include a few views, there is no way that an accurate assessment or even a relatively helpful one can be made regarding your situation. Your situation would best be answered by referring back to your operating surgeon.

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Bottoming out after tuberous breast correction


I'm afraid not much can be said with no pictures!  Without them, please seek the advice of your surgeon, since he is the only one that can truly answer this question. FYI, if it is 'bottoming out', then a garment could be worn for a specified amount of time to prevent this. At 2wks post-op, you may be too late to achieve correction with external devices. If this is so, surgical correction will be needed. Best wishes, Dr. H

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Bottoming out

Hello ~

Please provide photographs of your concerns.  I would also advise you follow-up with your plastic surgeon if you have concerns.  Bottoming-out can happen as a consequence of adjusting the inframammary fold. This can be repaired, if it becomes necessary.

Best of luck ~

Glenn Vallecillos, M.D., F.A.C.S. 

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Implants bottoming out after surgery for constricted breasts

Photos would be very helpful to analyze.  Keep in mind that breasts change a lot after surgery (at least for the first 3-6 months), so don't get too discouraged by what you are seeing right after surgery.   See your plastic surgeon for instructions regarding any imlant exercises or garments to wear, if indicated.  Only he or she knows exactly what was done during surgery. 

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Bottoming Out After Tuberous Breast Correction

There is no way to answer this without photos, but lowering of the fold, common to tuberous breast correction, can lead to bottoming out. Also, with large implants the risk of this increases. Either resubmit photos or discuss this with your plastic surgeon.  Even if this is the case, there are surgical procedures designed to correct this.

Best of luck

Vincent Marin, MD

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Too difficult to answer

Sorry, but without photos I wouldn't even attepmt to answer this one.  If you could send before and after photos it would help greatly. 

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