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Botox Mistake by Wrong Injection Site? Or Just a Fluke...?

When a droopy eyelid occurs because of a botox injection, is it just because the doctor injected it too close to the eye's levator muscle? Or does it just happen because the patient just happens to be in the 2% who is susceptible to this, no matter where the doctor injects it? I've had botox inj. (by 2 different doctors) for 6 yrs w/o a problem. Can someone clarify this? This info would help us in determining if a change of injection site (or the amount of botox?) would make a difference.

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Why does Botox cause a droopy eye sometimes


Botox affects dynamic muscles, so it can either be because too many units were used, or it was injected too low into the muscle. When we learn to inject we are taught on cadavers. What this shows is how different muscles actually are under the skin and how ever-so-slightly they lay differently on each person. Moving a cm this way or that can cause a droopy eye simply because your muscle layout is just so slightly different than the next person's, OR because more units were injected into that area. Injector experience is always key, but remember that each patient is also a unique being and it takes a very trained eye to notice the subtleties of each patient and compensate ever-so-slightly for differences in injection.

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