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Anyone That Does Botox for Synkenisis in San Antonio Texas?

I had bells palsy ten years ago and I have lived with the residual affects. I have tried to just live with it, because trying to do anything about it just opens up old wounds and Im scared to be disappointed if it doesn't make a difference. But, I have done a lot of research and read that Botox can help a lot. I have searched for doctors in San Antonio Texas but no luck. Anyone that can help me? This could finally be me recovering my self esteem.

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Synkinesis Treatment with Botox

    This is usually a communication problem with the person answering the phones and understanding of the problem.  This is a highly specialized problem.  The receptionist will likely tell you no, because it is not a common inquiry.  Most plastic surgeons have treated or treat this problem.

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Anyone That Does Botox for Synkenisis in San Antonio Texas?

Dear Layla,

Realself frowns on public recommendations of specific plastic surgeons. I've sent you a message with the name of a Facial Plastic Surgeon in your area that will do a great job treating your synkinesis. Happy holidays!

Stephen Weber MD, FACS

Stephen Weber, MD, FACS
Denver Facial Plastic Surgeon
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