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Botox Cosmetic- How Does It Work on Wrinkles?

Really want to get rid of lines on the forehead and heard that botox cosmetic is recommended by doctors. why?

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Botox Acts on Muscle Activity

Botox cosmetic, Dysport, and Xeomin are all forms of Botulinum Toxin Type A that act to minimize muscle activity in the lower central forehead, the upper forehead, and around the eyes.  These products prevent the nerves and muscles from talking for a period of about 3 months.  Hyper-dynamic forehead lines are a separate issue from fine lines and wrinkles, which are more age and/or sun related in their origin.

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How Botox works.

In spite of some of the advertising hype, Botox and its alternative, Dysport, only do one thing: they give a flaccid, temporary paralysis to the muscles they are injected into.  If the lines on your forehead are caused by the flexing action of the muscles, Botox will stop this flexing.  How much improvement in the forehead lines you get depends; here is why.  If your forehead skin is smooth when you are not raising your eyebrows, but has lines when you do raise your eyebrows, the Botox will paralysis  the muscles and your forehead will be smooth.  If, however, you have lines in your forehead when you are NOT raising your eyebrows and they are worse when you raise your eyebrows, the lines will get better but not disappear with the Botox.  Be sure your doctor checks your eyebrow position before treating you, as a Botoxed brow can cause some people to feel that their brow sits too low.

Video: Botox injections for forehead and frown lines

Watch as Dr. Renato Saltz, spokesperson for the Physicians Coalition for Injectable Safety, administers Botox injections to smooth forehead and frown lines on a patient experiencing Botox Cosmetic treatment for the first time.

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Botox Helps to Relax Pesky Muscles

Botox, Xeomin, and other neuromodulators work by causing a temporary paralysis to muscles that create wrinkles when they pull.  This allows the skin in these effected areas to essentially relax, creating the appearance of fewer lines and wrinkles.  For deeply formed wrinkles, our office also recommends working on the skin's surface and collagen/elastin with laser and/or other treatments.

How Botox Works

Some of my patients think botox works by filling in your wrinkles. It actually does not. Botox works by relaxing the muscles that cause wrinkle formation. When the muscles are relaxed, the wrinkles slowly improve and soften over weeks to months. The more consistently these muscles are kept relaxed, the more the lines will fade.

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How Botox Works on Forehead Wrinkles

The transverse wrinkles of your forehead are dynamic and caused by the contraction of your forehead muscles (frontalis muscle mainly). Botox will stop the action of the muscles causing dynamic wrinkling for 3-4 months.  Botox or Dysport is best for younger patients, though Thermi-RF is a longer lasting solution.For middle age or older individuals a Brow Lift will give more permanent solutions

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BoTox cosmetic - How does it work on wrinkles?

BoTox, and all forms of Botulinum Toxin A, work by blocking the reuptake of acetylcholine at the neuromuscular junction. By doing so, it inhibits transmission of signals from one neuron to the next at whichever junction it is working on (e.g., neuro junction, sweat gland junction, etc.) The duration of BoTox is typically 3-4 months on average. It can take up to 7 days for it to take effect. Thank you for the question! Hope this helps!

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Botox for Wrinkles

In simplified terms, Botox works by stopping the nerve from talking to the muscle in the area where it is injected.  When the nerve can no longer talk to the muscle, the muscle will stop contracting and creasing the overlying skin, thus improving the appearance of the wrinkles on the face.  Botox / Xeomin / Dysport only work on dynamic wrinkles of the skin such as horizontal forhead lines, crows feet and 11's in the central forehead.  They do not improve facial wrinkles caused by other aging facial changes such as skin laxity or ptosis of soft tissues.  
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How does Botox Work?

It works by blocking nerve stimulation where it is injected. It is designed to eliminate lines, creases, and wrinkles of facial expression.  It lasts about 3 1/2 to 4 months with excellent results.


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How does Cosmetic Botox work?

Cosmetic Botox is botulinum toxin A which is essentially a communication blocker...that is, it can block communication between nerves and muscles (hence reducing wrinkles), and between nerves and sweat glands (hence used to reduce excessive sweating/hyperhidrosis). It is useful for dynamic, not static wrinkles, so typically wrinkles of the forehead, frown lines, Crow's feet, around the mouth ("smokers lines"), bunny lines, and dimpled chins.

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