Should I Be Massaging 1 Week Post-op? My Dr Didn't Tell Me To! (Silicone/sub-glandular) (photo)

Should I be massaging 1 week post-op (300cc silicone/sub-glandular) or even at all? My Dr. didn't tell me to do it but all the reviews on RS suggest it so I feel like I should be doing it.

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Breast Augment

There is no good literature either way. Some surgeons use massage and some dont. Call your surgeon and ask its not a big deal.

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Massage at 1 Week after Breast Augmentation

    I recommend massage for patients after surgery, but plastic surgeons have their own regimens.  There is no right or wrong here, but I would ask your plastic surgeon.

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Hello and thanks for your post. Most physicians recommend massaging at this point. However, we do not know what your doctor would recommend. The best action at this point is to contact your plastic surgeon for additional instructions. Thanks, Dr. Aldo.

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Massaging after breast augmentation

Some surgeons recommend massage and some do not. While there is no scientific evidence to suggest massage does anything, I do not believe it can hurt  and for my patients I will often recommend it. Best to talk to your doctor.

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Should I Be Massaging 1 Week Post-op? My Dr Didn't Tell Me To! (Silicone/sub-glandular)

ALWAYS best to call your surgeon for their directed ADVISE. Ours over the internet is just that a suggestion not a medical request. 

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Should I Be Massaging 1 Week Post-op?

I generally have my patients start at a week, but other surgeons have different protocols. I suggest a call to your surgeon to ask for advice and instructions. It may be that they neglected to give you instructions, or that the time course is different for you.

Thanks, best wishes. 

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Massage after Breast Augmentation?

Thank you for the question and pictures.

It is the nature of plastic surgery to have different practitioners have different “philosophies” and treatment recommendations for patients. Given that your plastic surgeon is ultimately responsible for your care, it would be best for you to call his/her office and ask his/her views on the postoperative care concerns you have.

 Generally speaking, I think that massage can help ( and not hurt)  after breast augmentation surgery.

 Best wishes.

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