What Cc and Profile Will Get Me to This Goal Photo for Breast Implants? (photo)

I am looking to downsize. I currently have 400cc mod+profile. My preop photos I was about 5-10 pounds lighter. I implanted only last year under the muscle. I am looking to swap out my silicone gel implants to place new saline implants. My current diam is 13.1 and proj. is 4.0.-way too large for my liking. I attached a goal photo.what profile, cc, diameter or projection would get me to this goal photo from downsizing? I am hoping to stay in the 200-220cc area low profile. I'm not getting a lift.

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Questions about downsizing implants and breast volume

If your breasts are too large following your breast augmentation then it is possible to downsize.  I appears that the implants that were initially used were too wide and too projected for your desired or anticipated result.  If you reduce the implant volume by 200 cc you would expect to decrease about one cup size.  The only variables is how wide is your existing breast implant capsule and how elastic is your skin.  If you use and implant that has a narrower base diameter then a capsulorrhaphy procedure is necessary to keep the implant from following off to the side.  One choice would be to go to a two staged procedure, take the implant out under local, allow the breast and capsule to contract naturally and then re-augment at a smaller size.  Your plastic surgeon is in the best position to determine the next best course of action. 

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Decreasing breast implant size

While there are many ways to approach your question one very conservative way is as follows. 1. Have a 15 minute procedure to remove your current implants and then wait 4 months.  2. Have  augmentation with new implants. This method allows your breasts to shrink and the former breast pocket to close which allows your doctor to make a new pocket just the right size for your new smaller implants.Good Luck!

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What CC and Profile Will Get Me to This Goal Photo for Breast Implants?

Downsizing implants create the most difficult sizing problem of all. New patients getting implants can try them on. Patients wishing larger size can pad the breasts with rice in a stocking and figure out about how much added volume reaches their goal. 

Saline implants can be partially deflated the morning of surgery and a decision made based upon appearance at various volumes. However there is no mechanical aid in silicone down sizing, and all is a guess. How much skin shrinkage will occur is another unknown, and some downsizing patients wind up needing a lift because of excess skin. From the current photo, I think that may be more likely than not. 

200 cc seems like a reasonable guess. It should be about halfway between where you started and where you are now. 

Thanks for your question and for the photo. All the best. 

Downsizing implants

is a tricky procedure because you cannot predict what amount of diminishment would make you happy, you will have a loose breast envelope that may droop (if you are not having a lift as you say) and you have to accept ALL of the risks of surgery again such as bleeding and capsular contracture.  And would also want to know what your motivations are in changing from gel to saline since you should have had a good idea of what you wanted at your first procedure.  Finally, if you plan to lose weight, you should before doing any surgery as you could be mildly surprised as your breasts then and perhaps avoid surgery.

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What Cc and Profile Will Get Me to This Goal Photo for Breast Implants?

Before even considering downsizing the implants, LOSE the 10 pounds FIRST!!! See how you appear than decide if downsizing is going to correct your issues. My bet is NO, but best to prove it to yourself first before hashing additional invasive surgery and costs. 

Downsizing implants

You could benefit from implant exchange and downsizing your implants. I would recommend at least 100 mL decrease in volume. However, I would recommend replacing your implants with Sientra round base shaped anatomic silicone implants. In my opinion, these implants provide slight uplift of your breasts to avoid the need for mastopexy. Unless you feel strongly about having saline implants, this is the preferred option in my practice.

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Exchange of implants to smaller size

Be aware that the smaller implant will leave a lot of excess skin and sagging.  A lift will mean more scars.  There are no easy answers here.

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Downsizing Breast Implants; Best Breast Implant Size?

 Thank you for the question and pictures.   I commend you in finding goal pictures, demonstrating what you would like to achieve.

If I were seeing you in consultation, I would ask that you allow me to choose the best breast implant size/profile to match your goals ( that you demonstrate in the goal pictures),  after the use of  temporary sizers during surgery. It is possible, that internal suture repair (capsulorraphy) of the larger breast implant pockets may be necessary as well.

 I hope this helps.

Downsizing implants

Downsizing implants can sometimes be tricky to determine the desired volume. Also, the pocket will probably need to be reduced as well.Good luck.

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Breast Implant Sizing

Without seeing you in person and taking measurements, it is impossible to give you specific advice.  I would suggesting coming in for a consultation and doing VECTRA 3D analysis of your breasts and imaging to help guide your implants choice.


Good Luck.

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