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Do Tuberous Breasts Hurt?

im 15 and i have tuberous breasts. i hate them and have been looking into surgery for a while. my aerolas often hurt especialy when touched. is this normal for tuberous breasts? should i see a doctor? and what doctor should i see? any info on the tuberous breast deformity, causes, and possibly ways to correct them would be much appreciated. thank you

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Tuberous breasts are sensitive


Breasts are normally tender during puberty and I am not aware of any study suggesting that tuberous breasts are more sensitive than other breasts.

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Tuberous breasts


Tuberous breasts should not hurt. Perhaps your breasts are still growing and they are sore?  Correcting them is an individualized process.

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Tuberous breasts


In the tuberous breast deformity the skin of the lower half of the breast remains attached to the chest wall (a constricting ring at the base of the breast) & does not grow with the remainder of the breast during puberty. The developing tissue in some cases may be forced into or herniate into the darker tissue surrounding the breast nipple (areola) &/or may be constricted at its base. The herniation may make the nipples more sensitive to touch. The fold under the breast is usually higher up on the chest wall. The difference between this scenario & small breasts is that small breasts are symmetrically smaller with respect to the circumference & center of the breast.

The treatment involves correction of the hernia if present, release of the constricted base (usually by cutting a star shaped incision into the base of the breast) & correction of the lower attachment of the breast to the chest wall (inframammary or under the breast skin crease) with or without placement of a breast implant. If one merely places a breast implant without correcting the other problems the resulting breast will look far from normal.

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