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How Many Body Parts Are "Lifted" During a Body Lift Procedure?

For someone who has lost a lot of weight and has sagging skin, what are the typical areas that are lifted during a body lift?

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Lower body lift


This procedure is essentially 3 procedures in one: extended tummy tuck + waist/lateral thigh lift + buttock lift.  The buttock lift can also include buttock augmentation.  The lateral thigh lift will help contour the lateral aspect of your thighs.  The procedure can taken between 5-7 hours depending on the amount of tissue/skin that needs removal/treatment.  Please see a board certified plastic surgeon to learn more about your options.

Dr. Sugene Kim

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Body Lift Procedures explained


Body Lift Types

There are two main types of body lifts: upper and lower. The upper body lift typically includes procedures involving the arms, breasts, and face, while the lower body lift deals with the abdomen, thighs, and buttocks. These procedures can be, but are not limited to, an abdominoplasty, a belt lipectomy/circumferential body lift, a mastopexy (breast lift), and a brachioplasty (arm lift).

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Procedures involved in a body lift


A body lift can truly change your lift. Excess abdominal fat  and skin is removed, the abdomen and your core is tightened, your saddlebags on your hips are raised and your buttock has new definition and shape.  The combination is powerful and the results are immediate. 

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What is a body lift?


Great question. I've seen the terms body lift, lower body lift, belt lipectomy, circumferential body lift... Usually, for my patients who have lost a significant amount of weight, my first line of attack is a circumferential body lift = belt lipectomy = lower body lift. This procedure is 3 procedures all in one:

1. tummy tuck

2. waist/lateral thigh lift

3. buttock lift +/- buttock augmentation

This procedure requires 4.5-6.5 hrs of surgery and requires an overnight stay in my practice.

Dr. Basu

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Depends on if you need "upper body lift" or "lower body lift"


In my practice a lower body lift includes the buttock with auto-augmentation using the patients tissues, lateral thigh lift, a mons lift and an abdominoplasty.  In an upper body lift procedure typically included: the breasts, the underarm area and arms. Rarely a patient will require a lifting procedure in the upper back as well.



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Body Lifting


An experienced plastic surgeon will give you an idea of what you are a good candidate for after he/she examines you.  Usually, a "body lift" is for patients who have had significant weight loss and loose skin and tissue remain.   Some of the procedures that can be performed are Tummy tuck surgery (for the excess skin around the abdominal area), arm lifting, thigh lifting, breast lifting, extended tummy tuck (that goes into the back area to take care of loose, saggy skin in the back area as well as the tummy), and more.  Safety should be your first concern when having surgery. Make sure your surgeon is board certified and performs the procedures in a safe setting.

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What body parts are lifted with a body lift.


every person is different. the usual spots are arms, tummy, thighs, buttocks, breasts, neck.

a lower body lift, lifts, the buttocks, outer thighs, and either tightens the tummy or the inner thighs. I try to stage things together to save money for the patient and also to save recovery down time from work. the hospital front loads charges, so that longer procedures costs less per hour. I also team with assistant plastic surgeons to help get multiple procedures done on the same day and keep hours shorter in the operating room.

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What is included in a "body lift"?


The term "body lift" typically refers to a lower body lift and includes an abdominoplasty (a.k.a. tummy tuck), a lateral thigh lift, and a buttock lift. This is an extensive procedure and removes all of the excess skin and fat from the lower trunk (or lower body) area. I would recommend you have a consultation with a plastic surgeon who is board certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery and is a member of the American Society of Plastic Surgeons.

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What does a "Body Lift" lift?


When people discuss a "body lift" today, they are typically talking about an operation that Dr. Lockwood described called the "lower body lift type II".  He told me, personally, that it should be a tummy tuck, an outer thigh lift, and a buttock lift all performed at the same time.  He reasoned that we should "treat the entire torso as one aesthetic unit", and i believe he was right about that.

There is a little bit of history that many plastic surgeons are not aware of, but Dr. Lockwoods original description of a lower body lift also included lifting the INNER THIGHS.  However, he abandoned this technique because he said he had "too many complications".  The timing for this was just right for the wave of bariatric patients to hit us around 2002 and his original description was lost in the shuffle.  So today most plastic surgeons think of a body lift as a tummy tuck, outer thigh lift, and a buttock lift.

Good luck!

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Body Lift After Massive Weight Loss


Body Lifts are valuable for people that have lots of excess skin after successfully losing weight.  Every proceedure should be individually tailored to try to get the most benefit from the surgery.  For the majority of patients the trunk has the most notable skin excess.  A lower body lift combines a tummy tuck with removal of excess along the hips and buttocks.  One of the benefits of this type of surgery is that adjacent areas such as the thighs and upper back may be considerably smoothed and may change the need for removing skin in other areas. The location of the scars can be personalized depending upon where skin removal will give the best result.  This surgery can make a lot of  gratifying change in one proceedure , though often it may take more than one stage to address all the areas of concern. 

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