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Is a Board Certified Dermatologist the Best Way to Go for Dermabrasion?

Is a Board Certified Dermatologist the Best Way to Go for Dermabrasion?

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Board certified dermatologists are best for dermabrasions


I agree that a board certified dermatologist is your best option for a dermabrasion treatment. You should choose a dermatologist who specializes in cosmetic procedures and has a good deal of experience with dermabrasions. Other options to consider are some of the newer resurfacing procedures, especially the new "fractionated" technology using either lasers or radiofrequency. These treatments work by delivering uniform heat at a controlled depth to the deeper levels of the skin. This leads to direct collagen contraction and immediate skin tightening. Over several months there is remodeling and reorganization of existing collagen as well as the formation of new collagen. They can be very effective procedures to tighten and rejuvenate photoaged skin as well as to improve mild to moderate wrinkles and acne scars.

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Who should do Dermabrasion?


Dermabrasion is surgery.  A Board Certified Plastic Surgeon with hospital privilages should perform this procedure.  I would ask how many years have you practiced?  How do you decide who should have dermabrasion?  Your surgeon should follow you closely during your recovery,so that you understand your post-operative instructions for the best result.

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Facial plastic surgeons and dermatologist can perform dermabrasion


Facial plastic surgeons and dermatologists can both perform dermabrasion quite satisfactorily.  It is a great procedure for acne scars and perioral wrinkles.  When used conservatively it is an excellent adjunct to facial cosmetic surgery procedures.

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This is an invasive surgical procedure and should be performed by a physician or surgeon who is well trained in performing it.  The MD must understand the indications, contraindications and post treatement management.  In Canada this procedure is most commonly done by Otolaryngologist Head and Neck Surgeons practicing Facial Plastic Surgery,  Plastic Surgeons, or Cosmetic Dermatologists often with dermatologic surgical training. 

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