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Blepharoplasty Left Me with Hollow Eyes (Upper & Lower). L.A. Doctor Recommendations?

I need a highly skilled doctor to fix hollowness in the Los Angeles area. I am looking into fat grafting. I have tried filers and don't find it does much good. I am extremely scared of getting a lumpy look with surgery. Please advise.

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Hollow eyes after blepharoplasty.


I don't like fat used in the eye hollows as this will often form a "sausage" look under the eye and need to be removed surgically. Juviderm done properly will improve the hollow, but it should be done gradually so as not to make a lump.

Beverly Hills Facial Plastic Surgeon
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Fat grafting is often unsatisfactory.


Hollowness is caused by natural midface descent and excess lower eyelid fat removal.  Fillers for this type of volume deficiency can be a good option for some.  However lower eyelid fillers is an art form.  If the doc does not use enough volume and lacks artistry, well you get the idea.  Fat grafting for this area is usually unsatisfactory.  The fat is typically placed in a way that does not respect surgical planes.  This means that new scar tissue is formed with these procedures in places that scar tissue does not belong.  This can affect how these layers glide over each other.  Another issue is lumps that are created when the grafted fat does not take in a uniform way or is not placed in a uniform manner.  Remember, the skin is extremely thin in this area.  I prefer correcting the midface ptosis in these situations with a vertical midface lift over a hand carved orbital rim implant.  These are very complex surgeries that are not right for ever person with this issue.  For this reason, the fillers, properly done are now the most common approach for these issues.

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Best Oculoplastic Surgeons for Correction of Periorbital Volume Loss


Hi Manhattan Beach,

I would recommend either Jonathan Hoenig, MD (Beverly Hills and Encino), or Robert Goldberg, MD (Westwood), both are excellent and very well respected oculoplastic surgeons who are experienced, skilled, and caring.  Good luck and be well.

Dr. Persky

Encino, CA

Los Angeles Facial Plastic Surgeon
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Treatment of hollow eyes


Contrary to the up answer indicating that tip that fat transfer is not a good idea, I disagree.  My experience it has a high degree of success and minimizing the hollowness beneath the lower eyelids.

Tips and Links to find Best Plastic Surgeon Near You

I would seek the advice of a board certified plastic surgeon.  See the below links provided on the best way to choose the most qualified plastic surgeon and also how to find one in your geographical area.

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L.A. Doctor Recommendations


The ASPS website would be a good starting point to find a qualified surgeon. Some possibilities include Dr. Libby Wilson and Dr. Jennifer Keagle.  Consult with 2 - 3 surgeons in the area to find the one that best meets your needs.

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Hollow eyes after blepharoplasty


Hollow eyes after conventional blepharoplasty are quite common.

In our practice, it is usually necessary to place grafts back into the upper eyelid crease and perform a cheeklift while placing grafts to the lower eyelids at the eye-cheek junction.

For grafts, we prefer fully viable fat-fascial grafts to fat injection.

As to which doctor to choose, it helps to see publications and an innovative interest in the area you are seeking, especially when you are having revisional surgery.  You may not get a third chance.

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Los Angeles doctor


Consider UCLA oculoplastics or looking at the ASOPRS website for an oculoplastic surgeon. There are several means to achieve the desired appearance for your hollowness that might require grafting or lower and mid facial elevation.

Chicago Oculoplastic Surgeon
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Hollow eyes


A great source to find surgeons is on the ASPS or ASAPS website.  You may also consider an occuloplastic surgeon of which I am sure there are some very god ones in your area.

Atlanta Plastic Surgeon
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Los Angeles doctor


The best place to start to find a doctor in LA is to go the ASPS or ASAPS website and find a plastic surgeon there.

Manhattan Plastic Surgeon
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Dermis fat graft


Depending on the level of hollowness and the position of the eyelid against the globe [whether there is retraction present or not], another option would be a dermis-fat graft which is placed in a deeper layer and usually is devoid of "lumpy bumpy" results. There are many excellent oculoplastics surgeons in the LA area. is an excellent resource.

Seattle Oculoplastic Surgeon
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