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Black Skin on Incision After Abdominoplasty?

i had abdominoplasty 3 months ago their has always been a small hole on the incision that has leaked clear and yellow fluid but over the last 2 days it has leaked white puss and now the skin has turned black should i be worried?

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Drainage and wound healing problems after an abdominoplasty


Wound healing problems after an abdominoplasty are not uncommon.  You should be seen by your plastic surgeon to see if a debridement is needed or if there is an infected suture.  Once cleared it should heal quickly.  

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Drainage after abdominoplasty


You should not have persistent drainage from an abdominoplasty wound for this long unless you have a persistent problem that your plastic surgeon has already discussed with you.  You also should not be developing black or necrotic skin (which is what I am assuming you have now) at this point in your surgery unless you are experiencing additional problems or are smoking.  You may have a persistent seroma that is leaking, a residual suture that is now dissolving and opening up your wound, an infection, or necrosis of the skin from pressure, seroma, smoking or a whole host of problems.

You should go see your surgeon about your complaints and let him/her examine you and help you figure out what course of action that may need to be taken to help resolve your complaints.

I strongly suggest that you go see him/her right away.

Good luck

Nikesh K. Patel, MD
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