What can I expect a revision to cost & how many more cc's do I need? (photos)

I underwent a BA surgery in May with 325cc & 350cc Natrelle style 20. I started with a very small A cup and was hoping for a full C. Unfortunately, I went too conservative and have been severely depressed. I have even thought of losing weight to make them look bigger but Im already a slender person (so not good). What can I expect a revision to cost & how many more cc's do I need? My stats are: 5'6 117lb 27" chest Measurement 35-24-37" My breasts appear small in relation to my curvy hips!

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My patients aren't disappointed in their size after breast augmentation.

At 5'6 with your frame you could have chosen a much larger implant that would be in better proportion to your waist/hips while still having a very natural result. 
At my office I always give patients an opportunity to use our sizing system. Unlike 3D imaging, actually wearing the result gives the patient a more accurate perspective of how she will look, and feel with larger breasts. 
Once she finds a size she loves, I encourage her to try the next larger size, just to make sure she doesn't love that size even more! I want my patients to find a size that is TOO big, and then choose the next size below, so they don't have questions later about what a larger size would be like.
That extra step before surgery means 6 months after surgery I don't have disappointed patients!

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Fees will vary with surgeon's

but if you were my patient, you would be looking at covering the cost of the facility and anesthesia as well as any implant costs.  We would work with our rep to try to get them near cost since you are replacing yours with the same brand.  And as for my fee, if you chose the implant size, you could have some additional fees.  If I selected your size, you would not have any further fees for myself.  And your surgeon could learn about better ways to help patients appreciate what they will look like with their implants if some system was not utilized.  From you photos, you definitely could have gone larger and I hope your experience is a good one.

Curtis Wong, MD
Redding Plastic Surgeon
4.5 out of 5 stars 18 reviews

Revision costs for breast augmentation should be worked out before the initial augmentation.

Any operation sometimes will benefit from a revision. Costs for revisional surgery should be worked out prior to having the primary operation. In my practice I do not charge a professional fee for a revision.

Vincent N. Zubowicz, MD
Atlanta Plastic Surgeon
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