Best Peel for Hyperpigmentation? Should I be seeing an improvement by now?

Was this the right peel for pigmentation? Should I be seeing an improvement by now? If I am still left with pigmentation does that mean it's not down to sun damage and could be something like melasma?
What are the realistic benefits of this type of peel? I tried a course of 8 IPL and Microdermabrasion prior to the peel with no real effect on the pigmentation.

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Peel for hyperpigmentation


Peels definitely work for hyperpigmentation however several variables must be taken into consideration. First the depth of the peel , concentration of the TCA, how the skin was prepped prior to receiving the TCA application. And then , it always depends upon where in the skin the hyperpigmentation originates, as deeper sources of hyperpigmentation such as melasma (versus solar lentigines) are less amenable to TCA peels. Overall , TCA peels work very well.

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