Benefits of Light and Laser Treatments?

I am wondering if having IPLs or Fraxel or other treatments are beneficial to do even if you do not have the damage showing on your skin yet? For example, would it be smart to have a treatment done once or twice a year even if no lentigos were showing on the skin? I have a few brown spots and a few broken capillaries. I am trying to incorporate something into my skincare that will keep my skin looking the same for as long as possible and prevent unwanted things from popping up.

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Preventative laser

Preventative laser therapy makes for an interesting discussion. I would say that in the absence of significant damage, budget-permitting, a once per year treatment with IPL or BBL is not a bad idea to pick of areas of redness, blood vessels, and early brown spots. One could argue that a laser resurfacing with a Fraxel or Profractional laser every 2-3 years would also be a nice option to improve the texture and tone of the skin, and ward off fine lines and wrinkles.

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