What Are the Benefits of Having Non Cutting Asian Eyelid Surgery Instead of the Traditional Incision Surgery?

How does non cutting Asian eyelid surgery work? Are patients happy with the long-term resuls? How is the recovery different and similar from the alternative eyelid surgery involving cutting?

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Non-cutting surgery tends to not work as well

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Non-cutting surgery tends to not work as well.  The benefit of it is that there is not an incision; therefore, there is less chance of having a scar at the actual site.  But, often it is not as effective.  And, often it will require repeat procedures.

Benefits of suture asian eyelid surgery

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The main benefit is the quick recovery time and a lower risk of an irreversible bad outcome. If you don't like the fold, it is relatively easy to either remove the sutures (if revision is done relatively soon) or to convert it into an incision technique. The drawback is that if you have an underlying muscle problem (ptosis), the suture technique cannot correct it and will make the situation worse.

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