How Beneficial is It to Have Massages After a Brazilian Butt Lift? How Soon After the Surgery Should They Be Done?

I keep hearing that people who have had the surgery are getting massages done. What areas are massaged and when? Thanks!

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Postoperative Management Should be Left to Your Surgeon!

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Generally speaking, there are some surgeons who believe that their patients' outcomes are improved by having deep tissue massages in the areas that were suctioned.

On the other hand, it is very important for you to understand that only your surgeon can tell you what has successfully worked FOR HIM in the past. Altering your postoperative regimen because of something you read here may compromise not only your result, but also your safety.

Please ask your surgeon what they prefer their patients to do- and then follow those instructions very carefully.

If you are not yet at the stage where you have identified your surgeon, make finding the best one you can your first step. Personality and having positive reviews are great, but you really want to know that they received a top notch education, with training from excellent institutions, that they have lots of experience doing the procedure, and that their OUTCOMES are excellent (look at photos- and be careful to confirm they are actually photos of that surgeon's work).

Massaging after brazilian buttock lift

You can massage the areas of liposuction to help facilitate a decrease in swelling and help with contour. I would not recommend massaging the actual fat that has been transferred as this may injure the cells and prevent them from surviving. Discuss this in detail with your board certified plastic surgeon at the time of your consultation.

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William Bruno, MD
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Brazilian butt lift and postop massage

After the Brazilian butt lift and after liposuction I asked my patients do massage as soon as possible, 2nd day our 3rd day because I think this gives a better result helps reducing edema which helps to reduce the pain.

I think the massage is as important in the garment or maybe more important in the garment. I also think that if you're going to do 5 massages do them all in the 1st few days as opposed to one-week for 5 weeks. I think the earlier massage the more affect it's going to have on improving your results.

It'll hurt while you're doing the massages but you'll feel better and have less pain afterwards.

Wendell Perry, MD
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