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Is my Compression Garment Too Tight? (photo)

I am 5 days post op from a full tummy tuck and lipo on abs, back, flank, and hips. Attached are photos as I was getting ready to shower.

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Is my Compression Garment Too Tight? (photo)

Best to see your surgeon ASAP! for the advise you deserve post operatively. I think the garment MIGHT be tight???///

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Compression to treat swelling

Hello there.  It is normal to have swelling after tummy tuck.  Compression garments help minimize this swelling.   You see most amount of swelling between 1-2 weeks postop; then, you should see the swelling decreasing gradually.  If you were happy with your result 2 days after your procedure, I think you will be happy with your final result in 3-6 months.  You should continue with compression garment as instructed by your plastic surgeon.  Please see your PS to see if your garments are too tight. Best wishes.

Compression Garment Too Tight After Tummy Tuck Surgery?

Based on your concerns and picture, best to address the tightness of the garment with your plastic surgeon. If in doubt, I would suggest that you avoid its use until you are seen by him/her, hopefully in the near future.

Best wishes.

Is My Compression Garment Too Tight??

This question is difficult to answer without an exam.  You have swelling, so some indentations are expected.  Discuss this with your Plastic Surgeon.

Robert E. Zaworski, MD
Atlanta Plastic Surgeon
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Is my Compression Garment Too Tight?

There will be some indentations due to the garment and the swelling.  It is difficult to evaluate this without an person exam.  If there is any doubt, confer with your surgeon.

Kenneth Hughes, MD Los Angeles, CA

Is my compression garment too tight?

Your photos shows the skin creasing and indents commonly seen after abdominoplasty and liposuction, which occur under the compression garment.  Some compression is needed to minimize swelling but it should be snug and not tight as this can compromise the circulation to the skin.  Check with your surgeon if there are other compression garments to use and be sure the garment lies smooth against the skin with out any folds which are what causes the creases in your skin.  Good luck.

Is my Compression Garment Too Tight?

It is hard to say from just a picture and no other info.  I see similar indentations from patients elastic band on slacks occasionally. 

Too tight a garment after a TT can cause a real problem, so a call into your surgeon will get the better advice than the opinion of strangers!

All the best. 

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