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Abs Look Pouchy After Brazilian Butt Lift

I had BBL done 5 days ago (lipo abs & lower back) and Im so upset with the way my abs look. Will my abs eventually flatten?

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Brazilian butt lft only 5 days post op is too early to see results.


At only 5 days, you are still pretty swollen.  Be patient for a few more weeks and follow all of your post io instructions including which garnments you are supposed to be wearing.

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Contour improves over Time


It is only 5 day after your procedure.  Your contour will continue to improve.  Wear your compression garment and follow your plastic surgeon's instructions.

Good Luck

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Brazilian Butt enhancement


After  liposuction and fat transfer it is very common to be swallen.

You are too early, only 5 days. this should have been discussed in details withyou before the surgery.

you could have some fluid accumolation in the abdomen. See your Plastic Surgeon for his/her opinion. You need to be patient

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