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Should Rhinoplasty or Dark Circles Come First?

I am 19 years old. Male. I have sever dark circles. They are from the cause of always on the computer and tv. It is bad to the fact that I have white sort of scaly white dots under my eyes. A lot ppl say these are milia.... but I doubt it. I don't know if I will ever get my eyes treated or if there is a permanent solution. My question is this: If you already have bad dark circles... is it ok to have rhinoplasty? Will it become worse? Should I go to LA and use 'Cool Laser" on my eyes first?

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Eye circle

Without photos, hard to know hat the problem with your eyelids are.  If the dark circles are from excess fat, that can be dealt with at the same time as the rhinoplasty

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Rhinoplasty and dark circles can be done same time.

Rhinoplasty and treatment of your dark circles can be done at the same time. The bruising from rhinoplasty is almost always temporary. 

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Rhinoplasty and dark circles

 The dark circles and a nasal deformity are completely different issues. Its  doubtful that you need eyelid surgery at age 19. True discoloration of the skin on the lower lids  is best treated by a dermatologist.  It is  acceptable to undergo rhinoplasty at that age, and you will expect to have dark circles from swelling and bruising after the rhinoplasty for approximately 2 weeks. Virtual rhinoplasty available our website if you are so inclined

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Should Rhinoplasty or Dark Circles Come First?

 It's is true that Rhinoplasty may create or make dark circles worse.  Bleeding, from Rhinoplasty can deposit hemosiderin pigment in the lower eyelid skin that looks similar to a bruise or dark circles.  This tends to disappear in most individuals and typically is not part of the decision-making process on whether, or not to have a Rhinoplasty.  

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Should Rhinoplasty or Dark Circles Come First?

It sounds to me that your main concern is your nose, and you are asking if you can have a rhinoplasty despite the dark circles, and the answer is yes.  Having a rhinoplasty should not have any permanent sequella for the circles.  You will get bruising under your eyes, but this will be temporary.  During that time, your circles will look worse.  By seeing a Plastic Surgeon during consultation, you can have both your nose and lower eyes evaluated and get an expert opinion.  Good luck!

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