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Bad Teosyal results, Better to dissolve it, adjust it or both? (photo)

I have been using fillers for 6 years.This time the doctor that did a great job last time failed using Teosyal.The product collected in the center of my upper lip, where I really didn't want it!He told me to go back and have it corrected or have it dissolved.Is it a good idea to dissolve a little bit in that area where I want no material at all or I risk to have a worse result?Also,Teosyal gave me abnormal swelling for 3days,can I ask him to use Perlane,that he used before with perfect results?

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Teosyal dermal filler


Thank you for your question and I am sorry to hear that you were not happy with your treatment.

Both Teosyal and Perlane are Hyaluronic acid based products. Both can cause swelling/lumpiness and can be easily broken down by enzyme called Hyluronidase. May be it is a good idea to break it a little bit where you feel it is excessive. It is rather painful injection though.

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