Bad Surgeon?

In oct 2011 I had nose surgery to correct a collapsed valve. The surgery was covered by insurance and the dr said he would improve the tip. Fast forward my breathing became worse and the appearance of my nose was altered dramatically. I consulted with two drs in New Orleans and Birmingham. Both were more thorough than my dr and explained that it was complicated but could be done. My expected 2 hr surgery lasted 4. I paid 8,000. Can I go after original drs e and o?

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Rhinoplasty Requiring a Revision

   Rhinoplasty is always a functional and aesthetic surgery with some aspects of each going counter to one another.  Without all of the specific details of the surgeries and preoperative exam, it is difficult to determine what happened.  Realize that rhinoplasty is one of the two or three most complicated and highly variable surgeries wherein patient healing characteristics and constitution figure prominently into the result.  Even expert surgeons can have less than desirable results. 

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