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Bad Nose Results 3 Months After Surgery, I Don't See Any Change, What Do You Think (photo)?

The doctor after surgery take some pics of my nose to show me the result after the swelling gows down but 3 months after my nose doesn't look close to this at all. Espesially the tip area. Tip still is looking very low like no change was done. And from the front view is squared and fat? Could this be caused from persistant swelling? Will my tip going to get raised and smaller?

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Rhinoplasty results at 3 months

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My first question is whether the first picture is after or before the surgical procedure?

If after than I would like to know what your nose looked like before and your anticipated goals of the surgery.  Realize there is still significant swelling at 3 months and in the tip area may last up to a year.  I routinely image my patients prior to surgery to help them to appreciate the goals of surgery.  That puts us both on the same playing field.

I feel you still have a hint of a dorsal hump and the angle of your nose to your lip is about 90 degrees and would look better at 95.  The best way for me to appreciate what has transpired is to review the actual operative note.

I would discuss this with your surgeon and ask if you are at the point that he would like you to be with the expected result?

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