What's the Average Ccs Used in Fat Injection to Buttocks?

What is the average ccs used for fat injected in buttocks on a average-sized women who has a flat butt and just wants average size buttock?

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Amount of fat used in Brazilian Butt Lift varies greatly

Basically the same process used in identifying volume plans for breast augmentation can be used for the Brazilian butt lift (which is really a butt augmentation).

  1. Butt enhancers/sizers, that can be purchased from a variety of online stores
  2. "rice bags" placed in the area and increased in size until the desired outcome is reached
  3. Moldable foam shapes, also available from online stores

However, the only answer that counts will be given by the Surgeon selected for the procedure.  Comprehensive discussion of the desired goal and shape, and evaluation of the starting anatomy will determine the plan and the volume needed.    In our experience the fat volume used can vary from 200cc up to 500cc and higher.

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