Can Fillers or Non Surgical Option Help my Drooping Nose Tip? (photo)

Hi I have a long nose which i dont mind so much as i am not open to getting a nose job, however i have when i smile the tip that droops - can this be fixed or helped non surgically?

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Drooping Nasal Tip

Radiesse could absolutely help you achieve a more symmetric, straight, non-droopy nose and tip. By "filling the valleys to hide the hills" you could camoflauge the very small irregularities that you have. You can see some examples of how we do this on noses similar to yours on my website.

Best of luck!

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Drooping Noses and Falling Nasal Tips Respond Well To Nonsurgical Nose Jobs

There is no question that  nonsurgical nose jobs can work well for curved noses and downturned (or drooping) nasal tips.I have been performing these procedures for nearly a decade and have found nonsurgical nose jobs quite effective for lifting droopy nasal tips (as well as straightening humps, bumps, and depressions along the bridge and top of the nose).

From the before and after pictures provided, I believe that it is clear that you indeed appear be a candidate for this kind of treatment. If necessary, to confirm this before proceeding, a small amount of salt solution or dilute anesthetic solution can be injected as a test into the appropriate areas of the nose to confirm this.

Not uncommonly, simply injecting the appropriate volume to the bridge area to straighten it is also enough to give a secondary aesthetically satisfactory lift to the tip of the nose.

In cases where sufficient secondary lift is not achieved by simply volumizing and straightening the bridge area, additional volumizing material can be added to the area of the base of the nose, with or without the addition of a neuromodulator, such as Dysport and Botox.. The latter work, not by a volume effect, but by weakening the small muscles in the area that exert a downward pull on the nasal tip: the result, an elevated nasal tip. When necessary, a small volume can be instilled to the lower spine of the nose to further straighten it.

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Droopy Nose Tip During Smile

             There is a muscle attached to that portion of the nose that pulls it down when you smile.  Most surgeons would make a small incision inside the nose and release the muscle.  Some would go through the mouth.  These are the two most reliable ways to fix the problem.

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