Sporting incident - is my nose permanantly damaged? Is there any way of fixing it without surgery?

2wks ago I was playing basketball & I slammed my face into an opponent's arm. My nose went crunch. I heard it and felt it. Would this be enough to permanently damage my nose? I feel my nose looks wider - both upper & lower cartilage feels loose & is movable. I used to be able to 'suck' my nose in & it would look thinner, but now I am unable to do this. Is there any way of fixing this without surgery? How long should it take for swelling to recede? Can cartilage be permanently damaged?

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Rhinoplasty for nasal trauma

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Trauma to the nose can result in a displaced, or non-displaced nasal fracture. Only a displaced nasal fracture is repaired. Trauma can also cause the upper lateral cartilages to be fractured off of the nasal bones. To repair a broken nose, it's important to wait until most of the swelling to subside over the next few weeks, and then make a decision to proceed. To reset  fractured nasal bones, osteotomies are performed on the nasal bones under a general anesthesia.. For many examples of crooked nose repair in our practice, please see the link below

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