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I Had the Vi Peel Done but It Doesn't Seem to Have Peeled That Much? (photo0

By the End of the Second Day I Began to Notice Flakiness. I kept it very moist adding Eucerin to keep the dryness down. Was just wondering why I never saw sheets coming off like what I've seen online? Did it not work? I see a little freshness but really nothing more than you'd get with a facial. I use retin a on a regular basis, maybe that's why? My face is still crazy itchy even after moisturize and Benadryl. thoughts?

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I Had the Vi Peel Done but It Doesn't Seem to Have Peeled That Much?


Keeping the skin moist can stop the skin from peeling from how it was suppose too. I usually inform patients to stay out of the sun and making sure they apply SPF, trying not to use a moisturizer cause it can stop or slow the peeling. If the skin is really dry and itchy you can apply a small amount of hydrocortisone. Best of luck 

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