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Asymmetrical Nostrils -> Asymmetrical Nose! Filler or Rhinoplasty? (photo)

I need to mention, that english isn't my mother tongue. The Problem of my nose is that one nostril is higher and a little bit bigger than the other and this results that my nose is directed a bit in one direction. From the two sides the nose is very differently. I read much about the different technics of correction noses with rhinoplasty and fillering, but i don't know what could help to reduce the asymmetry. So what could help? Thank you for every answer!

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Asymmetrical nose


 Asymmetrical noses  can only be treated with rhinoplasty, not injections. Adjusting the tip cartilages for refinement and narrowing and symmetry is all done through a rhinoplasty tip techniques.   Repair of the asymmetry of the nostrils as performed with an alar plasty period

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