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Asymmetric Jaw Surgery or Chin Implant?

I've had surgery on my jaw when I was 18 due to sysmetry. I'm not sure if they cut the top part of my jaw, or the lower part. However, I am now seeing that there may be bone decay on one the right top joint in my jaw, and that the lower left side is growing. No one will tell me what's wrong or how to correct it. I may have TMJ, or arthritis, since I have a history of juvinile arthritis. I'm would like my face to look the same from both profiles and also want to know why it's growing and decaying?

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Custom Implants for Jaw Asymmetry

By your x-ray you had both upper and lower jaw surgery. (bimaxillary orthognathic surgery) Based on just this x-ray it is not possible to say that the bones are still growing and most certainly not that there is ongoing bone resorption. (both are unlikely at this point) To improve your jawline/facial asymmetry, you are going to need custom implants made off of a 3D CT scan to get optimal correction and restoration of symmetry.

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